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Photo de vous et vos amis à la plage : ajoutez 'amis' et 'plage'

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On June 25 2012 at United States 12 Views

Avatar plooot

Plooot On 12/03/2015

i cant deal with this version of fotolog!!!

Avatar withmileyforever

Withmileyforever On 26/07/2012

No puedo creer que todavía no hayan cambiado esto! INCREÍBLE!

Avatar babyjen2

Babyjen2 On 25/07/2012

Hello ([email protected])
My name is jenna I am tall ,good looking, perfect body figure and sexy.I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring person that I have been looking for, And I have something special to tell you about me, So please contact me directly through my email address at ([email protected]) so that I can also send my picture directly to you.

Avatar kendallschmidts

Kendallschmidts On 24/07/2012

return the old fotolog. you're losing a lot of users.!

Avatar ex_rawwrxboy

Ex_rawwrxboy On 23/07/2012

a nadie le gusta esta basuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D

Avatar akts_kisame

Akts_kisame On 23/07/2012

:( so sad that the old fotolog never coming back :'(

Avatar partywithmegafox

Partywithmegafox On 22/07/2012

To return the old photoblog

Avatar ex_rawwrxboy

Ex_rawwrxboy On 22/07/2012

chupenme toa la callampa giles conxetumares :D

Avatar moda_a_tope

Moda_a_tope On 20/07/2012

Thank you so much for stop the spam in my flog ! =)

Avatar saylor_mund

Saylor_mund On 19/07/2012

fotolog pasa malo desde que ustedes llegaron

Avatar cafe

Cafe On 19/07/2012


Avatar fotolog

fotolog Goldcam On 19/07/2012

We just suggested your group because we like it.
We wanted to share with other fotologers your passion.
Sorry if you had some inapriopriate photos.

Avatar detallesdesofia

Detallesdesofia On 18/07/2012

he subido una foto de las tres ganadoras de panten sociedad anónima con derechos reservados de un blog

Avatar carlos_p13

Carlos_p13 On 18/07/2012

holaaa saludoss quiten el nuevo formatoo me gustaba mas el anteriorrr

Avatar ewe_freak

Ewe_freak On 17/07/2012


Avatar ohlookthis

ohlookthis On 03/11/2012

yo tambiénn! jaja

Avatar la_ovejaperdida

La_ovejaperdida On 16/07/2012


deberian limitar la cantidad de subidas miren el spans que hizo al grupo el mismo usuario

Avatar moda_a_tope

moda_a_tope On 16/07/2012

deberian no limitar sino que dejar bloquear a las personas que suben ese tipo de spams, por que ya stoy cansada de eliminar todo ese tipo de cosas tan desagradables.

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