Avatar hideyourface_web

Hideyourface_web On 10/07/2013

new graffiti website:

Avatar pare14

Pare14 On 09/01/2013

ta la !

Avatar atundaplo

Atundaplo On 04/01/2013

soma nois ae na humildade

Avatar atundaplo

Atundaplo On 04/01/2013

dahora mlko salve fiko classico !!

Avatar abkrew98

Abkrew98 On 23/05/2012


Avatar el_rafi

El_rafi On 26/04/2012


Avatar kiwik

Kiwik On 10/04/2012



Avatar kuyakuia10

Kuyakuia10 On 02/02/2012

boas cenas por ai !! abraço

Avatar montana

Montana On 02/02/2012

está mesmo lobo/newyork trowies!!

zimbora maltinha!!! akele abraçao de saudade

Avatar esquilo_88_li

Esquilo_88_li On 02/02/2012


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    Share your photos from an eclipse Lunar or solar. It should be a true eclipse, but if you post an eclipse that you have created, and it is creative and interesting it MIGHT be allowed to stand. No promises though.

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    This would be a group for fractal art. Fractal art is created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images. Think of it as computer spin art with a bit of math added in. Put up your coolest fractals and show off your geeky artistic side!

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