Avatar elkstar

see you soon!

John, Breda - May 2012

On August 29 2014 at Piemonte, Italy 72 Views

Digital camera : Analog: Pentax / MG

Avatar n_i_l_d

N_i_l_d On 31/08/2014

Top portrait shot. Nice guy.

Avatar meneer_hoeba

Meneer_hoeba On 29/08/2014

Looking a little bit nervous.

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 29/08/2014

For the first, we sat at the river
For the second, we made a chain
For the third, we joined the horses
For the fourth, we braved the wasps
For the fifth, we'll ...................

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 29/08/2014

flickering smile...


Avatar zelinhares

Zelinhares On 28/08/2014

Quando defendemos os nossos amigos, justificamos a nossa amizade.
Marquês de Maricá

Avatar bubbles_fairy

Bubbles_fairy On 28/08/2014

Be aware, John, we're coming!!! ;-)

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