Avatar daitenshi

Daitenshi On 17/11/2003

i send links about that you needwait please

Avatar paravela

Paravela On 17/11/2003

tira esse chifre daeeee !!!!!

Avatar daitenshi

Daitenshi On 17/11/2003

Do you need a help?

Avatar daitenshi

Daitenshi On 17/11/2003

haaaaacoolWhat your interess about Brazil?

Avatar daitenshi

Daitenshi On 17/11/2003

Hi friendThanks for send me messageAre you from Brazil?

Avatar tioseijinn

Tioseijinn On 17/11/2003

wow! great shot!

Avatar renalette

Renalette On 17/11/2003

"Je serais une vache pour toi" it`s all I know in french... hahahaha... kisses*

Default Avatar

Melaniezettel On 17/11/2003

i no speak you...sorry...kisses!i`m brazilian...

Avatar cristi

Cristi On 17/11/2003

you have really cool images!

Avatar giggi

Giggi On 17/11/2003

I still think it lookes dangerous :-)


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