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des pigeons

Aout 2005 - Croatie

On November 15 2006 at Dubrovnik, Dubrova?ko-Neretvanska, Croatia 180 Views

Digital camera : SONY / DSC-P12

Avatar arroseurarrose

Arroseurarrose On 26/01/2013

Have a nice day

Clic Clac

Avatar cris_687

Cris_687 On 16/11/2006

it's amazing...i still remeber the time i went to a park and tried to take a photo of...3 birds!!!only 3 birds!!!:(that's a really great one ;D

Avatar dasderbunker

Dasderbunker On 16/11/2006

it looks terrifying...but it is a great picture.

Avatar bla_bla_land

Bla_bla_land On 16/11/2006

I would call this picture "freedom"...:o)Have a great day!Love, Luli.

Avatar wendy_kampanita

Wendy_kampanita On 15/11/2006

hello..gracias por la firma..tan bien bonitas tus fotos..

Avatar martuki10

Martuki10 On 15/11/2006

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Avatar persiangulf_cat

Persiangulf_cat On 15/11/2006

hello, birds....

Avatar auralee

Auralee On 15/11/2006

absolutely beautiful! if only they were that pretty up close... pigeons here tend to just eat garbage and poop a lot.

Avatar michland

Michland On 15/11/2006

:Ounbelievable!!!!!Great pic!


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