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ayna buldun mu kendini çekecen arkadaş! bizde böyle...

On October 16 2013 at Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands 84 Views

Digital camera : nikon / D5000

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  • awalys_with_me


    As some of you know "always_with_me" is English for "sempre comigo". I like the way it sounds and I thought it would be a good title for this groupflog.
    After all, we only want beautiful photos here.
    This flog will be all about ALWAYS WITH ME. It can be whatever you can carry on you or with you. Sometimes you don`t need to carry, you can have it at home or at work ... Then your imagination and talent will come up in beautiful shots.

  • night_shots


    How is your city tonight? - ¿Cómo es su ciudad la noche? - Como é a sua cidade a noite?

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