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Felicidades mi nené neneiño pequeniño ¡guapo!...que poco tiene ya de pequeniño...como pasa el tiempo...que barbaridad...


On February 11 2012 at Kazakhstan 282 Views

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Lucylove100 On 15/08/2012

Добрый день дорогой, Как lifeeeeeee,
Я решил связаться с вами для долгосрочного
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, напишите мне на (lucydes_love@yahoo.in)
как я ожидает услышать от you.Yours любить
и новый друг,
Мисс Люси.

Good Day Dearest,How is lifeeeeeee,
I decide to contact you for long term
relationship and friendship
,write me back on ( lucydes_love@yahoo.in )
as i waits to hear from you.Yours loving
and new friend,
Miss Lucy.

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Ru2000 On 23/06/2012

Hello My Love,
My name is miss Ruth dickson i saw your profile today and become interested in you.i will like you to contact me through my private email (ruthdickson27@yahoo.in)so that i can send you my pictures and also tell you more about my self.this is my contact (ruthdickson27@yahoo.in)
yours lovely Ruth.


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