Avatar blessed_offering

Blessed_offering On 13/10/2006

fucking finger

Avatar dbrown

Dbrown On 17/12/2004

The pictures I didn`t take (or develop) are as important as the ones I did. Not to mention the photographs in my dreams.that sounds much more serious than I intended.

Avatar ribena

Ribena On 16/12/2004

that sounds much more serious than I intended.

Avatar ribena

Ribena On 16/12/2004

completely charming, the ignorance and earnestness of youth. and your memory of a photograph never developed, when (developed) photographs are usually the only, or heaviest, anchor of our memories.

Avatar dbrown

Dbrown On 16/12/2004

I never did develop the 110 cartridge from my east coast trip of 1978. One of my regrets. I took a picture of the Citicorp Center but thought it was the Chrysler Building.

Avatar deathdog

Deathdog On 15/12/2004

so great mr.brown...one of the best on fotolog ever..

Avatar ribena

Ribena On 15/12/2004

when I was young, and we were traveling all over the world, I got 1 roll of film for each country for my own camera. most of my 8-year-old`s photos looked something very similar to this view. and I inevitably binged at the start--so I have nearly a wholeroll of the Vatican with a few shots of Pompeii and the old ruins to round things out. I argued for more film on technical grounds, but my parents refused.

Avatar fodd

Fodd On 15/12/2004

That looks just like one of mine ...

Avatar alan_alan

Alan_alan On 15/12/2004

let s make a fotozine of shots with the finger infront of it!!!


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