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Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I was back to my hometown of Philadelphia for part of a week's vacation.

I'm still trying to decide if "Cezanne and Beyond" was worth the $24 admission. I did learn a lot about Cezanne through the somewhat pedantic and precious audio tape commentary. I didn't know his influence was so wide and deep. The exhibition was intelligently arranged around five or six themes. Most of the exhibits came from other museums.




I suppose I will have to wait until the book falls a little more in price.


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Geogblog On 24/04/2009

We have a Burne-Jones exhibit in Toronto just now. It will probably cost $20 just to visit, but what the heck.

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Geogblog On 24/04/2009

In art terms, a visit to a Cezanne exhibit is like a trip to a very well-stocked tea parlour with wonderful desserts.

For all of the self indulgence, it is still cheaper than a trip to Paris. I'll bet you will remember this for some time to come.

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