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The city was pummelled by lots of heavy wet snow last night. Trees all over the city took a harsh beating, as did some property.

My moms house has the power cable rip the siding off of the house when branches fell on the line. One tree (a birch tree in the middle of the yard) is totally a write off. We'll have to see what the arbourists say about the poplar trees when they come assess the damage.

Phoenix didn't go to school so he stayed at Grandmas house because his school didn't have power in the morning. Grandma brought out a Lego set she had tucked away for Xmas as a 'snow day' treat, and he put together the Lego Arctic set all by himself. He was sooo proud if himself!

He's sleeping over at grandmas again tonight but I had to post this sweet pic of him playing with his Lego.

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