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this made me laugh so hard

I'm a bad papa...

On May 02 2011 19 Views

Avatar klokan

Klokan On 05/05/2011


Avatar wowcowchow

Wowcowchow On 03/05/2011

I had saved a pic with a lot of those pictures. Can't seem to find it though. They're hilarious. Here's another one. Air Horn!

Avatar eric_del_este

Eric_del_este On 03/05/2011

bad santa!

Avatar joshb

Joshb On 03/05/2011

Dude, I've got the feeling that a guy who does a daily comic doesn't know much about quality versus quantity ;)

Avatar stijlloos

Stijlloos On 03/05/2011

Well it's kinda funny.. Let's say it's Hella Funny!

Avatar lukedaduke

Lukedaduke On 03/05/2011

It's only wrong when your start running with the cart.

Might be a reason to laugh even harder too.

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