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This is a picture of Todd Heuchling, my classmate, and his mother on Acceptance day about a year ago. He passed away yesterday.

www.usma.edu for more.


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Addadada On 28/08/2003

i`ve been thinking and praying for todd and his family/friends...this foto will be forever etched in my mind and heart...

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Bestyling On 28/08/2003

We will never forget todds enthusiasm, and energy, he had a dream and he was living it to the fullest. All his friend here miss him deeply and will never forget him. He was a wonderful example of how to live life! and giving it your all. We can all learn from his life and now from his memmory.

RIP Todd

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Addadada On 25/08/2003

It is with deep regret the U.S. Military Academy announces the death of Cadet Peter Todd Heuchling, a member of the Class of 2006, B Company, Second Regiment. During a training run for the marathon team try outs, Cadet Heuchling collapsed. His untimely death occurred on the evening of Aug. 21, 2003, at Keller Army Community Hospital, West Point, N.Y.

The late Cadet Heuchling, son of Robert and Sara Heuchling of Durham, N.H., was born on Apr. 8, 1984 in Dover, N.H. and attended Oyster River High School.

Throughout his tenure at West Point, Cadet Heuchling displayed an exemplary pride in his country and dedication to service in its defense. He was an enthusiastic cadet who was a true friend to those who knew him. Cadet Heuchling recently completed cadet field training with his class. His beliefs in the ideals of the Corps of Cadets and its motto of Duty, Honor, Country were hallmarks of his performance.

Sincere and profound sympathy are extended to the family and friends of the late Cadet Heuchling from all the members of this command. His death will be mourned by all who have known him.

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Addadada On 25/08/2003

i`m so sorry to hear such sad news...please be strong during these rough times. this foto has such joy that will always be remembered...

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Twinkletoes On 23/08/2003


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Mumdane On 23/08/2003

My condolences to his family, friends - such a loss.


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Strangerswcandy On 23/08/2003

it`s hard to understand why some must move on after just a few years here. my condolences to all and to Todd - thanks for trying to make this world a better place - you have succeeded.

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Snazzyjan On 23/08/2003

I`m sorry to hear your friend died. That`s gotta be tough...esp. on his family. He`s so young....

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Angelissima On 22/08/2003

wow..what happened?? I guess I`ll check the website...


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