13th Jul 2012

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    1. This is the Air Jordan VI 6 Retro Olympic 2012 with the item number 384664-130. Release date: July 7th, 2012. With the 2012 Summer Olympics coming up in the middle of the year Nike and Air Jordan have sequence of releases set to blow your minds. The first is a retro of the AJ VI (6) Olympic released for the 2000 Olympics. The only difference is a swap of the navy and white on the front midsole. The change will let collectors know the difference between the two retroes, something we've been seeing more of lately like with the Air Jordan X (10) "Chicago" having a red Jumpman on the back and a checkered inner lining. Many are anticipating this Olympic release and it is clear that they will sell out instantly. If you want to avoid the craziness upon release, Pre Order Jordan 6 Olympic here with us. http://www.6olympicbuy.com

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