Avatar caribbean_audrey


A gift from a very dear friend which bloomed just in time for Christmas.
We decided to name her Mary Alice in keeping with my friend's family tradition.

To friendship!

On January 08 2010 30 Views

Avatar cecile2006

Cecile2006 On 01/01/2011

Hello Audrey,

I hope you are well.

Happy New Year ! I wish you the best for you and your family.


Avatar hikingangel

Hikingangel On 27/12/2010

beauiful happy holidays

Avatar lali_bren_marixa

Lali_bren_marixa On 03/05/2010

te doi mi msn personal sii me agregai dale ? :$

Avatar arwal60

Arwal60 On 13/01/2010

Wow that seems much bigger than any of these 'amaryllis' that we have here . Such a beautiful flower! I would think that all your guests visiting you, would have something very positive to add on seeing it in the corner
Best wishes and an amazing 2010

Avatar hikingangel

Hikingangel On 13/01/2010

how beautiful

Avatar cecile2006

Cecile2006 On 10/01/2010

Hello Audrey,

Very nice flower. I think it smells good, isn't it ? A beautiful gift.

Warm regards.

Avatar mazidote5

Mazidote5 On 09/01/2010

Hello Audrey,
Thankyou for the good wishes,we are ok thanks and must say we have lived in these cold winters for many years ,its all in the game as they say.
What is the weather like out there in Spain?

Avatar elsvanderpalen

Elsvanderpalen On 09/01/2010


Mine name is elsvanderpalen and I saw you by mine friends and I saw this picture and the words you wrote. Its a beautiful picture and I love this flower.
Have a nice day.

Avatar dimilinchen

Dimilinchen On 09/01/2010

What a lovely gift and wonderful colour of the Amaryllis.
I was given one for my birthday at the beginning of November and it lasted until christmas! It had 3 stems , each of them with 4 flowers!
Yes, I have a fireplace in my entrance hall and I have it light every day in the evening. It is the cosiest place in the house in winter.
here you see a picture of it and another one which may like.
Love Antje

Avatar glaciergirl1

Glaciergirl1 On 09/01/2010

Wow! What a lovely symbol of friendship! And a great name too.

Many hugs!

Avatar marjoriecat

Marjoriecat On 08/01/2010

Lovely, and of course, beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Chilly in Dunoon, (Dad phoned) but only(!) about -2º though will probably go colder later. House is warm though, and they will be ok.

Hope you are not too busy at work yet.

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