15th Nov 2012

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    1. Long Beach Island sustained enormous and widespread damage during Hurricane Sandy, the scope of which was revealed for the first time today as awe-struck officials pondered the seemingly enormous task of rebuilding. The storm ripped houses from foundations, covered some roads in waist-high sand and sent the ocean raging all the way to the bay on this popular Ocean County vacation destination know to locals as LBI. The first floors of hundreds of beach houses, designed to break away in a major storm surge, did just that. Trees were uprooted, some older houses snapped in half and boats were moved hundreds of feet, deposited in the middle of roads. "You go back and look at images of ’62," said Long Beach Township Mayor Joe Mancini, referring to another devastating storm. "Now we’re living it." The cost of rebuilding is staggering: It will take at least $700 million to remake this 18-mile strip of land, an estimate that could certainly surpass $1 billion as more is learned, Mancini said as he surveyed the damage on the southern tip of the narrow barrier island. He figures it will cost $200 million just to get the sand off the roads and back on the beach.

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