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‘La petanque’

This weekend I came to a park (Cong Vien Van Hoa) in CMT8 street (Cach Mang Tanh Tam). I saw some people there playing ‘la petangue’ game. I guess the French introduced the game in Vietnam.

It is really funny game, you have to throw your balls and try to approach them as much as you can to a smaller one thrown before the game starts. It remind me a lot the times I was in school in Spain and when we finished it we used to go and play using some cheap balls filled with water (the real ones are full of stainless steal). That time the game was only played by elderly and they always complain us because we used to make lot of noise…

The park… well I don’t recommend. It is so old and seams like no one took care about it for years.

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