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The origins of both the activity of barbecue cooking and the word itself are somewhat obscure. Most etymologists believe that barbecue derives ultimately from the word barabicu found in the language of the Taíno people of the Caribbean. The word translates as sacred fire pit and is also spelled barbicoa or barabicoa.[1] The word describes a grill for cooking meat consisting of a wooden platform resting on sticks.


Another claim states that the word BBQ came from the time when roadhouses and beer joints with pool tables advertised Bar, Beer and Cues. According to this tale, the phrase was shortened over time to BBCue, then BBQ.

Hehe, I prefer the second option.

Vietnamese like barbeques so much so they invented this ‘portable’ barbeque. You can see it in many restaurants or houses. It is so easy to use and really convenient to make a small one.

I can also recommend you a restaurant with this barbeques in Ly Tu Trong, between Tay Van Lung and Hai Ba Trung streets. You can enjoy there meat or shrimp barbeque for a cheap price.

This is in the pic is my Vietnamese barbeque. I bought it last weekend in Tan Dinh Marekt. Barbeque, coal and all accessories only 3USD. A nice dinner with my friends in terrace… priceless!

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