Avatar birgit

The kiss
... in the garden the other day.

On June 01 2014 at Baden-Württemberg, Germany 365 Views

Avatar bubbles_fairy

Bubbles_fairy On 18/08/2014

Beautiful picture, Birgit! And I'm sure you've got (and created) a wonderful garden!

p.s. Pink&Violet have made me think to a friend who has just passed away...they were her favourite colours.

Avatar mrsun_anyway

Mrsun_anyway On 03/06/2014

Sensuel juxtaposition of pastel colors

Avatar birgit

birgit On 04/06/2014

I love it... my grandmother had these flowers in different parts of the garden... I placed them together dreaming about how wonderful they would look together... and they do... and they seem to like it also... they even kiss! ;)

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 03/06/2014

Splendid colours, and Eli is right about the butterfly!

Re: no, I'd never heard of the saying, and can't think of which island would be meant - we've so many islands, also in the south west ... in my photo you are looking at Vlieland, the Wadden island right next toTexel, it's called Vlieland. Almost deserted, compared to the crowded south where I live, virtually car-free (yesss), with lots of wind and sand wherever you go. Its nickname is "The Sahara of the North".

Also the Elkstar is interested in exploring Vlieland, so why not put it on our list of Fotolog Meeting Places to Be ;-)

Avatar birgit

birgit On 04/06/2014

Surprise! :))) I meant Texel and Vlieland! Some former fotologgers (marcelvangunst, decarrion, untergeiern) had beautiful photos of these islands... and I dreamt about going there some day... but first GB is waiting! Soon!!! :))))

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 03/06/2014

the iris looks like a butterfly!
i like these old palnts, this year i have only peonies, blossoming, the irises only have leaves...

Avatar birgit

birgit On 04/06/2014

Yes they do! Lots of bluish butterflies!
The irises will come for sure! It is always the same here... one day I look at them and wonder where the blossoms are and the other day there they stand in full bloom!
... these flowers are my grandmother's... they once grew in her garden, now growing in our's... they make me happy! :)))

Avatar elkstar

elkstar On 17/06/2014

i am working a lot among them, these days... i am trying to modify a bit the garden with stones...

Avatar birgit

birgit On 28/07/2014

... I wonder how it does look like!
I love stones and placed some of the ones I brought with me in the garden... but they are too small and now they are hiding under the grass! ;P

Avatar elkstar

elkstar On 29/07/2014

if i will ever finish i will post a picture of it, ehehehehehe :DDDD

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