Avatar cenja

Cenja On 24/07/2013


Avatar mrvyewer2h

Mrvyewer2h On 08/07/2012

jolie travail sur ton F.log!!
respect et never stop!!

Avatar blascrew

Blascrew On 16/05/2012

excelent le sketch !

Avatar koreeee

Koreeee On 03/05/2012

See my graffiti on girls page!


one love

Avatar fr3zzitha

Fr3zzitha On 01/04/2012

riifa meel
iia sthaz en

Avatar deprotsc

Deprotsc On 12/03/2012

fat !!

Avatar legionofbombs

Legionofbombs On 22/02/2012

te kedo super chingon

Avatar chmurlu

Chmurlu On 04/02/2012


Avatar brolok

Brolok On 04/02/2012


Avatar napaone

Napaone On 01/02/2012

Ótimo Malokero.....

Avatar nuansoner

Nuansoner On 01/02/2012

c'est beau !

Avatar kade67

Kade67 On 01/02/2012

Lourd !

Avatar aste

Aste On 01/02/2012


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    This group is about dead zones all over the world.
    The goal is to have nice pics of abandonned places to make graffiti writers dream (and other people too!)

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    Grupo hecho principalmente para subir tags creados con cualker software de graficos escalables (svg)

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