Avatar mmolly

Mmolly On 02/05/2008

You have a great eye for details.

Avatar sindestino_xd

Sindestino_xd On 23/02/2008

in my ffs

Avatar mary_mah85

Mary_mah85 On 23/02/2008

I like your fotolog!!
you're in my F/Fs


Avatar blackangel23

Blackangel23 On 22/02/2008


chido flog

cuidate mucho


devuelvo firma


MB =3

Avatar looqueevengaa

Looqueevengaa On 22/02/2008

besoss !!! ..
te pasas ?
quiero mas f/f
si me pones en los tuyos yo te pongo ok ??
suerte y cuidate


Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 22/02/2008

gorgeous texture and colors.

Avatar cristyblue

Cristyblue On 21/02/2008

I Love This Shadow!!!!

Avatar vochitos

Vochitos On 21/02/2008

I will go to live to SF after summer!!!


Avatar the_lonscientist

The_lonscientist On 21/02/2008


dejame decirte ke la
anterior esta ilete

onda vkn


Avatar shayhueque

Shayhueque On 21/02/2008

sometinmes we need to look down


Avatar rimante

Rimante On 21/02/2008

Nice shade!

Avatar lovetheo

Lovetheo On 21/02/2008

nice :)

re saludos !

Avatar zweethelldoll

Zweethelldoll On 21/02/2008

Ahhh k chida foto y la anterior ptsss!!

esta pkm!!


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