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Feliz Dia Del Amor

OK, I don't speak Spanish, but I know what this means.

On February 15 2008 2 Views

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Dr_matasanos On 16/02/2008

hola yo si hablo en caste llano espero q algun dia traduscas eso q te estoy escribiendo x las dudas antes de terminar te lo tradusco bueno espero poder seguir chrlando con vos no se si sos hombre o mujer pero bueno me llamo matias de argentina
Hello I if I speak in caste plain wait q algun day traduscas for it q am writing to you x the doubts before finishing you good tradusco wait to be able to continue chrlando with vos not if sos man or woman but good I call matias of Argentine
chau ...by

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Garu_log On 15/02/2008

I know what it means!
hablo español!

have a nice day!

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X__sinrazondeser On 15/02/2008

have a nice day!
kiiss =)

bye (:

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Shayhueque On 15/02/2008

uurrrghhhh! It sound so strange and ugly to read it translated!!!!! Id rather prefeer FELIZ DIA DE SAN VALENTIN

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Toque_de_chilena On 15/02/2008

q lindooooooooo

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Maitestrella On 15/02/2008

que colorinche!

i hope you had a beautiful day


ps: love the pic.

Avatar tights

Tights On 15/02/2008

happy valentines day!

great shot

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Achcauhtli_arytb On 15/02/2008

Kiss me, I love you, Love
Happy Valentine's Day !

I like so much ur work.
Happy day.

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