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Photoshoot in London

Happy New Year everyone!

While Brian and I visited London this November, we decided to do a photoshoot of my Fook Mi (Austin Powers) costume in the middle of the city! It was the most perfect location, however freezing and windy.
Look, that's a real London double deck bus behind me! The photos definitely made it worth the cold and many stares from people lol

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Avatar fshacklebolt

Fshacklebolt On 14/01/2009

Yaya Haaan, I read on your site, that your horoscope sign in Chinese, is the monkey! ... Already witnessed "Fruits Basket"? ... I did cosplay of Ritsu, who represents the monkey in the horoscope, and remember you ... From a look at my photo, posted the photo of my cosplay * O *

Kisses and more kisses =*****


Avatar el_chris

El_chris On 08/01/2009

Wow... nice look baby.

Kisses and a wonderfull 2009

Avatar marmota_chan

Marmota_chan On 05/01/2009

Happy New Year Dear!!!!

I love you

Kisses =*

Avatar lugami

Lugami On 04/01/2009

i love this cosplay jaj

alway magnific all your photos

enjoy the new year

Avatar evaguerra

Evaguerra On 02/01/2009

Happy New Year yaya and Brian!!!!
Les deseo mucho éxito amiga! 3

Avatar aft_wero

Aft_wero On 02/01/2009

happy 2k9 yaya!!!

Avatar luffyjuly1

Luffyjuly1 On 01/01/2009

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa the bus!!!! is so red!!!!! XD

Happy New Year Yaya!!!!!! =D

Luffy =P

Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 01/01/2009

Happy New Year yaya:3

Avatar tersa

Tersa On 01/01/2009

lovely twin sister :P

Happy New Year 2009!!

Avatar topo_xyz

Topo_xyz On 01/01/2009

k cool place for photoshots!

Happy New year!

Avatar crow_kun

Crow_kun On 01/01/2009

amazing picture
happy new year, yaya =)

Avatar gerrysuke

Gerrysuke On 01/01/2009


I love that costume!!!!


Avatar joseseverino

Joseseverino On 01/01/2009

Nice and Beautiful, yaya-chan, happy 2009, hugs from brasil !!

Avatar ryotatsushiko

Ryotatsushiko On 01/01/2009

cute picture yaya ^^

Happy New year, best wishes for you in 2009! :D

Avatar h_sama

H_sama On 01/01/2009

wuah what a nice pic!! nice collors and pose.
try to upload every week, onegaishimasu

happy new year and more sucess!

keep on the good work!

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