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New 2008 cosplay of Christie from DOA 4

Worn to Dragoncon
Photo by Brian Boling

I am really proud of how this costume turned out, given the circumstances. I was in the middle of moving, so most of this was sewn on the floor of my place as everything including tables and chairs was moved out already. I also boxed up all of my notions and sewing supplies so everything for this costume had to be purchased under time restraints, and then it was just me and my sewing machine + teflon foot. I got a great 4-way stretch vinyl and made all the straps and the bodysuit with my own patterns. I covered a random teal bra I found at Marshall's with the same vinyl and used three different sized sets of buckles and two sizes of studs to embellish the outfit. The gloves are my favorite - I patterened it out with the criss-cross straps, sewed everything together and added the D-rings also. Lastly I made the stretch vinyl garter straps, and attached fishnet fabric by hand sewing it to the according areas of the bodysuit. The fishnet stockings, studded wrist cuffs and earrings were purchased.

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Avatar akyomonster

Akyomonster On 28/11/2009


Avatar cosplantasy

Cosplantasy On 21/12/2008

The last coment is mine!!
I liked the potho!!
The photographs are really goos professionals!!!
I like DOA so muchhhh

I like to make cosplay of LA Mariposa....

When you come to Brazil..You be welcome!!

Sorry again the wrongŽs words!!!

Avatar garnet_doll

Garnet_doll On 21/12/2008

Hello I am "Lady Malice" chili, country of a sub america. I wanted to tell you is the best Cosplayer and an inspiration for me.
Happy Christmas and New Year

Avatar ryotatsushiko

Ryotatsushiko On 21/12/2008

awesome cosplay yaya!

Avatar laurabuu

Laurabuu On 21/12/2008

I love the fact that you do most everything in your costumes and always explain how it was the process (L) ThatŽs why I admire you so much!

Avatar yoelider

Yoelider On 21/12/2008


Great cosplay


Avatar renpika

Renpika On 21/12/2008

really really great cosplays!
are so professional and u'r so cute to wear them =3!!!
I just had to add you to my f/f :D
greets from a far far away land called Chile XD

Avatar keikoh

Keikoh On 21/12/2008

sexy *0*

Avatar weird_photo

Weird_photo On 21/12/2008

Really no easy to wear but you can wear it fabolous.
That is very important for cosplay: to stay in the right shape.

Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 21/12/2008

fiu fiu very sexy yaya *¬*

Avatar hooki_kun

Hooki_kun On 21/12/2008

perfect *___*

Avatar pizzaman

Pizzaman On 21/12/2008

Are you moving inside Vegas or out of Vegas?

I really really enjoyed that city ;D

Good luck in your new home!

Avatar rafatsukino

Rafatsukino On 20/12/2008

It's cosplay sexy! :D

Avatar kula_diamond

Kula_diamond On 20/12/2008

Seriously, you don't look simply "hot"... is almost a crime!*o* Looks like a figure or something like that!*_*

Avatar monikacosplay

Monikacosplay On 20/12/2008

wow, awsome,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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