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Avatar angelicstar

Sorry I have been absent so long!

Oh my God it has been months since I updated this log! My apologies! Please don't ask why, it has been a crazy few months.
I will start posting again from here on, I have so many new costume photos and travel pics to share!
To start off, here is my "Resident Evil 4" Ada Wong cosplay, I wore it yesterday to ConComics in Guadalajara! It was a great convention, a lot of people, and we watched a very nice contest. I am still in Mexico for the next couple of days and want to sight see, hang out with friends and go fabric shopping (for more cosplay hahaha)!

As for this costume of Ada, I love Resident Evil and especially the 4st game and the whole Leon/Ada relationship. So much tension! I made this dress in about 2 days, using a matte satin. The butterfly and flower designs were hand painted on and the outlines are embroidered, and the dress laces up with eyelets in the back. I couldn't find red eyelets and didn't like the chrome ones, so I hand bound all the eyelets in burgundy thread. The gun is a modified airsoft handgun with laser. I found the shoes after trying on a million pumps that were all too big, and added the criss-cross straps. The wig was ordered off eBay and then cut by me. The scarf was made of black chiffon. The holster should be temporary until I either decide to re-make the dress or just learn to deal with it. It was cool to have another evening dress gun costume to run around in :)

On December 15 2008 866 Views

Avatar erzengel

Erzengel On 15/12/2008

Hi Yaya, its me Arturo, from monterrey. Remember the inerview we made with you and Jaimie in the hotel? You can watch it here, its the ep01, you appear rigth in the middle of both parts.

hugz, from mexico.

Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 15/12/2008

Beautiful *¬* yayaaaaaaaa

Avatar misato_noir

Misato_noir On 15/12/2008

*-* Yaya chan! I adore your cosplays, you are my example! So many details of your suits, I admire them

Fondness from Chile!

Avatar neko_juanito

Neko_juanito On 15/12/2008

OMG, best ada iŽve ever seen =^_^=

Avatar kula_diamond

Kula_diamond On 15/12/2008

You look great and so sexy!*o*
Unfortunately, I don't have guts to play RE4!+_+ SCARRY!8D
I will add your flog, I love your costumes!*o*

Avatar metal_maki

Metal_maki On 15/12/2008

aww awww awwwwww!!!
hw come you're in mexico and don't come to the city!!!!???
come back we miss you! :D

I wanted to make that costume too xD

kissesssssss ^_____^

Avatar tsubasaglz

Tsubasaglz On 15/12/2008

hi!!! I saw u at concomics!!! I was de Sakura hime of the contest ^^ ur cosplays are so fantastic!!!!

Avatar petra_leao

Petra_leao On 15/12/2008

Yaya, beautiful as always!!!

We miss you!! Hope you come back to Brazil soon! ^_~

Hugs, darling!

Avatar evaguerra

Evaguerra On 15/12/2008

I would have liked to bring my Jill Valentine to take photos with you and Brian. :3 will be on another occasion

Kisus Yaya :-*

And tks for greet me in my stand ...


Avatar vinzeth

Vinzeth On 15/12/2008


Avatar vingaard

Vingaard On 15/12/2008

Beautiful! *_*

Avatar angeldemusica

Angeldemusica On 15/12/2008

i saw your ada wong costume and sheryl in london.i went with spanish cosplayers.... in the trocaderoŽs interview i was holding the coats and bags.You are so nice person
thank you for the interview and your simphathy

Avatar yune_kris

Yune_kris On 15/12/2008

Great Ada, Yaya!!! Congratulations!!!

I have loved the hand painted butterflies!!! *O*


Avatar grasie_kagome

Grasie_kagome On 15/12/2008

WOW its Perfect*_* great job^^~


Avatar ashy_jackson

Ashy_jackson On 15/12/2008

Oh my God! She looks so cool! *O* I liked it! Ada is one of my favorites chapters in RE4 (after Leon xD)

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