Avatar angelicstar

Bikini photoshoot!

Brian did some swimsuit photos of me in San Diego! Visit my website to see the whole set!

It was nice to go to the beach and play with the waves!

On August 14 2008 84 Views

Avatar biradantas

Biradantas On 14/08/2008

Great pic!
Best wishes from Brazil!

Avatar emizito_frestyle

Emizito_frestyle On 14/08/2008

sos de las vegas?

Avatar cosplay_plu_moon

Cosplay_plu_moon On 14/08/2008


i agree with /queenmari!

u have to come to Brazil again!!!

awesome picture! you are gorgeous! *-*

Avatar queenmari

Queenmari On 14/08/2008

You have to come back to Rio de Janeiro and go to the beach with us!!! :D

By the way, you're stunning as aways :*

Avatar kanokon

Kanokon On 14/08/2008

O_O woooooooooo I love your flog ... I do not know if you remember my jejeje and truth jeje when you went to the convention in Monterrey in 2007 I went to The mask of the film by Jim Carrey jejejeje morning upload the photo with tigo jajajajjaa greetings

And forgive ... but my English is very bad jajajajajjaa


I dont speak english XD hehehe


Tato was here

Avatar misawawa

Misawawa On 14/08/2008


i agree with laurabuu, we want to see more Leia pics!!!

Avatar coveroficial

Coveroficial On 14/08/2008


Cheers from Brasil!

Avatar bombonzoote

Bombonzoote On 14/08/2008

I'm going to leave a greeting
I hope that these very well
passing through the mio
kisses Bay

Avatar _costosas

_costosas On 14/08/2008

beautiful beautiful beautiful *o*

Avatar erzengel

Erzengel On 14/08/2008

=^_^= jawdrop =^_^=

Avatar onigirikissu

Onigirikissu On 14/08/2008

omg! you look so pretty and sexy!!!!
the photo is great!!!!

I love all your cosplays :3!!!!
hope to have you back in Monterrey someday!!!!
we love you Yaya!

Avatar solitary_yaren

Solitary_yaren On 14/08/2008

That photo is greaaat!!

Really great! n_n


Avatar snaga

Snaga On 14/08/2008

Speak portuguese??

I no speak Inglish... =/

Mas gostei muito das suas fotos. Além de bonita e gostosa (com todo o respeito, claro) você é uma ótima cosplayer!!!

Avatar hatchlinghunter

Hatchlinghunter On 14/08/2008

im a big fan of your cosplay! ^^ haha
you look awsome with that swimsuit! :3

greetings from mexico!!

Avatar saiga17

Saiga17 On 14/08/2008

...i lost my conscience just only watching you ^^

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