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Primary Colors

Proud partisan politics: Michael David Murphy on the 2008 campaign trail.

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On February 05 2008 60 Views

Avatar violoncelleti

Violoncelleti On 10/02/2008

you're welcome, and sorry again. (I try my best, but my english is not so good...)

Avatar violoncelleti

Violoncelleti On 10/02/2008

well, someone said this person is the author: http://paulpat.deviantart.com/ But truly, I cannot ratify this.
sorry for the misunderstanding.

Avatar violoncelleti

Violoncelleti On 10/02/2008

now I say "oh my gosh" the photo is not mine either!!! I think one of the people who left a comment before I did named the author. I'll look it up right now.

Avatar violoncelleti

Violoncelleti On 10/02/2008

hi along, I've just left a comment here: http://blog.fotolog.com/2008/01/unbearable-lightness referring to the photo credit that is mistaken. Thanks! (and congrats on the daily flog, it's such a great place!)

Avatar camila666

Camila666 On 10/02/2008

Vc e teus amigos se estão fazendo famosos!, já os vi em vários lugares como http://www.segredovirtual.com/

Avatar mitaddetabla

Mitaddetabla On 08/02/2008




SUERTE (¿?¿?)


Avatar doume

Doume On 08/02/2008

Please, choose a good president for the peace in the world

Avatar mcnmv

Mcnmv On 07/02/2008

oh yeah!
there's a lot of time i've been looking for an american or british fotolog! :)
you're in my ff's
peace out!
can you visit my one ?
beeso .
FROM B.A city
carla :)
que andes bien

Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 07/02/2008

OK, I have a more tangible idea for your daily f'log! one of my FF, /elkstar, in January did a wonderful series of naturally occuring hearts. it is February after all, so why not do a profile on her work?

Avatar tiger_ofbengal

Tiger_ofbengal On 06/02/2008


Avatar muffin4breakfast

Muffin4breakfast On 06/02/2008


love the pics

Avatar davidbivins

Davidbivins On 06/02/2008

And once again, last night, I remembered that I hate CNN.

Avatar nikaj_online

Nikaj_online On 05/02/2008


Avatar getlostinstyle

Getlostinstyle On 05/02/2008

ready to vote??

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