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Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 05/02/2008

You make really a great job, with the daily flog! I especially loved this orange furry lovely one!
The whole feline series was so good... even if mines were missing! ;) Eheeheh... just kidding!

Avatar nojooodaaas

Nojooodaaas On 05/02/2008


quien sos??

Avatar completelyy

Completelyy On 04/02/2008

nice picture

Avatar juicebox_strokes

Juicebox_strokes On 02/02/2008

kiss.. nice pic

Avatar gabr7raul

Gabr7raul On 01/02/2008


how u doin'???

I LOVE UR FLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!

take care!!!!!


Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 31/01/2008

oops, the billboard is on delancey and bowery, not houston.

Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 31/01/2008

hey, along. thanks for the invite. not sure if this has already been covered in the daily f'log, but since i live in NYC, i'm always interested in the rise of the highrises and the demise of neighborhoods. yesterday night i noticed a Village Voice billboard on houston and bowery that read "where are all the junkies?" and it made me laugh out loud because that sums it up in a phrase. i lived in the East Village (1999-2004) until i was priced out of my apartment and moved to BK, which i now love, but it's that rebound kinda love, you know? "back in the day"--and i know my "day" marked a wave of gentrification to those who had lived there since the 1970s--i remember leaving my apartment on 2nd Avenue and seeing junkies on the nod all over the place, bending double like rubber dolls with their feet planted firmly on the ground, never falling as though held up by angels. and there were tenements, no skyscrapers. now all you see is that hideous undulating glass monstrosity at Astor Place and bankers and kids who are studying to be bankers. not sure if it's represented in anyone's photos, but if it is, it would be interesting to see what the face of onward and upward looks like here and around the world.

Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 31/01/2008

i really enjoyed the daily f'log about andusimion. the composition of his pics is AMAZING.

Avatar by_carlost

By_carlost On 31/01/2008

Son geniales los gatos de ese color

Avatar mspr

Mspr On 29/01/2008

Quee graciosoooooo

Avatar caradeboba

Caradeboba On 29/01/2008

que hemosso ybello el miauu

Avatar confesion_flog

Confesion_flog On 29/01/2008

Hola!!! Conoce a Confesion, proximamente en radio y television.
Escuchanos en y baja nuestro disco gratis!!!

Avatar signoritaparoni

Signoritaparoni On 28/01/2008


Avatar lilaa_87

Lilaa_87 On 28/01/2008

Holissssss, lindo flog, me pasaba.

Te gustaría tener más firmas?? te recomiendo que uses pormensaje,

Con pormensaje podes estar en contacto con todos tus amigos, saber qué están haciendo en este mismo momento, ver las fotos de sus fotologs, etc.

Obviamente ellos también podrán leer lo que pongas vos y ver cada vez que subas una fotis nueva!!


Avatar alicia_reini

Alicia_reini On 27/01/2008

q lindooo
con su colitaaa
peluditaaaa =)
un besitoo

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