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Fotolog Algemadas voltando a divertir a internet

On January 12 2017 at São Paulo, Brazil 919 Views

Avatar aaronamyx

Aaronamyx On 09/03/2017

a girl once hand-cuffed me and try to pull me away from a school desk when suddenly the chain-broke and she would fall to the ground "looking-surprised" and then she would ask me to be part of her girlfriends slumber party. To use me as for security reasons. Then I realize to much fon for me to handle in one night! So I learned to contour my conjestionable thoughts and to thwart my system to understand why I would be invited to many more after."

Avatar pedrovskyo

Pedrovskyo On 01/03/2017

Hey você conhece a Laura_undead ? me responde pfvr =)

Avatar tuge

Tuge On 15/01/2017

Oláaa, tudo bem!

F/F ?

Avatar frontiny

Frontiny On 14/01/2017


Avatar johncolvin

Johncolvin On 13/01/2017

Minha amiga é loca pra publicar a foto dela aí

Avatar jessica_duarte7

Jessica_duarte7 On 13/01/2017

Pois é menina, rrs.

Bom fim de semana (:


Avatar anninha_sol

Anninha_sol On 13/01/2017

Boa tarde! :)

Avatar aline_morcega

Aline_morcega On 13/01/2017

Vcs voltaram !!!

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