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No sorrys

I feel like it's often when I'm mistaken or taken for granted
and people talk about me for not behaving in the same way
The world seems to reach a point where they expect me to become
like them but I can't be sorry for something I'm not doing wrong
I'm just myself and I do not wish to regret that

On January 03 2016 at Mexico 8064 Views

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Norl On 07/02/2016

He hecho una aplicación/web para que un usuario pueda descargarse una copia de todas sus fotos, textos y comentarios de forma barata (bueno, depende del volumen, pero sale como a dos céntimos por cada foto con texto y comentarios), por si alguien quiere usarla antes de que se pierda todo...


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Icexcreaaaaam Goldcam On 04/02/2016

Fotolog agoniza :(


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