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it was never about her, it was about the hurt.


Porcupine Tree - Way Out of Here


Can't take the staring, and the sympathy
And I'm sick of the questions: "How do you feel?, "
How's it going at school?", "Do you want to talk about it?"

Way out, way out of here

I'll try to forget you, and I know that I will
In a thousand years, or maybe a week
I'll burn all your pictures, and cut out your face.

Die Schweigen.

On July 16 2013 at Washington, United States 11 Views

Avatar obey_hate_die

Obey_hate_die On 17/07/2013

way out of here, wow

Avatar fuguemonoslejos

Fuguemonoslejos On 16/07/2013

Ah, y me ha encantado la canción que me has dejado :)

Avatar fuguemonoslejos

Fuguemonoslejos On 16/07/2013

El hombre que quería y no podía abrazar. Lo contrario que en la vida real.
Parece que tenemos el mismo don de rodearnos de gilipuertas jajaja. Ay...

Por cierto, pasé por aquí el otro día e igual te interesa echarle un vistazo :) http://www.jimmarshallphotographyllc.com/ Jim Marshall, el fotógrafo del rock.


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