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Cobra now can work well on 4.30 CFW (22 - 01 - 2013)

This is a updated n ews about cobra dongle that now Cobra now can work well on 4.30 CFW. Following is a more detailed information,i mainly quotated from official site :

original post :

"We're pleased to present Cobra-USB FW V6, available along with the respective CFW 4.30 from the downloads section! After successful Beta testing, we can confirm that Cobra now operates on 4.30 CFW, allowing you to enjoy the latest releases whilst enjoying Cobra functionality aswell. Thanks to all Cobra USB owners for their patience and support.

Look out for the soon to be released Cobra ODE, bringing freedom and versatility to the scene!

*Please note that region free support for PS1/PS2 titles still needs to be improved in future firmware update.*"

Source from : http://www.digitopz.com/cobra-usb-dongle-adapter-for-ps3-p-1111.html

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