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hmm, another potential project...

we stayed at our friend Hugh's house (happy birthday Hugalug!) the other week. He let us stay there even though he was away for the weekend, as a small token of our gratitude we left him a pair of 'taches. One was on the bookshelf and looked quite funny but then i saw this placement and had to do it. it made me laugh and it made him laugh too (we got a text message).

so... a few months ago (about 11) i made a vow to upload to flog more this year... i have catagorically failed.

i will make no more promises.

how are you?

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Avatar owdbykr

Owdbykr On 05/11/2008

Quality over quantity, are you up to your knees in snow yet?

Avatar procyone

Procyone On 04/11/2008

and how are you?

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