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Nothing Scribbled In Artwork done in a Public Bestro

Friends were into playing Dungeons & Dragons back when I created this style. My girlfriend that enjoyed the game noticed I was to bored playing a game that took forever. So she thought "giving me a artists book of white paper and magic markers would keep me busy and happy.

Except I never gotten happier with her plans as she tried to pursuantly keep me around and wanted to marry me until she discovered we just don't have enough in common to be happy with each other, after getting to know each other in five years.

"Men' you just cannot change a woman to your liking, not matter -what! ;o) Then before I can marry her years later. She gets murdered by a complete lunatic that wants more in life than she wanted. ~She Thought~

2016 always amor art artwork beso foto funny galaxy meteorite gallery -get my attention- giraffe graffiti herbivore idiots ink jeanette julye_15 lisa frank's me -me others w/same- m&m mushroom myself nothing scribbled in partyphoto pig head pig headed ring -same names would skull smile smiley store then u hav- -those try'n- -to think sending- Utalh vintage wineglass work of art

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    Bienvenue sur le Fotolog des amis de la ville d'Amiens, capitale de la Picardie. Si vous adorez cette ville, si vous y êtes né, y vivez, y avez vécu, ou y êtes simplement venu une fois en tant que touriste, si vous êtes passionné de géographie urbaine et d'architecture amiénoise, partagez ici les photos de votre Amiens... :)

    amiens_amiens vous invite aussi à promouvoir sur sa page des évènements culturels se déroulant dans la ville. Alors bon post et Vive Amiens !!...

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    Drawings. Desenhos. Dibujos. Dessins.

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